I view murals as the ultimate personalization of a home. While wallpapers, paint and finishes add personality, they often have elements of compromise. A mural allows control of elements as well as creative freedom.

Often we begin with a very broad concept for a mural. Through discussions with you during a site visit, the vision for the mural takes detailed shape. Finding out more about your plans for the overall space and learning more about your story and preferences gives definition and possibility to ideas.

The more chatting we do helps solidify or discard ideas as they occur so that we design something fitting for the overall plan.

We can control the cost of the mural by limiting or extending the amount of detail to fill both design and budgetary considerations.

Scale drawings can be provided as part of the design process once I have been commissioned.

Murals are generally painted directly on the wall but can also be painted offsite on canvas and installed by a wallpaper hanger.