Nursery Murals & Kids Wall Murals

Children’s rooms are license for over the top creativity!

I always encourage my parents to choose a theme that has some longevity. That way the little kid in the room still likes the theme from the baby nursery and you know that it was money well spent. Most folks don’t want to redesign their child’s room every two to three years. Here are a few tips on planning a nursery.

I recently received a note from a mom whose son’s nursery I painted 9 years ago. Her son does not want it to change. He still loves it! The theme in his room is baby animals.

A child’s room can have murals or have a decorative finish as the background with something as simple as a monogram. All of these choices can be accommodated as your style dictates.

When designing a nursery mural, I take into account where current furniture placement is and where future changes, like a crib to a bed, might occur and try to place main elements in such a way the the mural still flows after those changes are made.

Older children have definite opinions about their rooms and I like to include them in the conversation. Sometimes, some thing they say triggers a wonderful visual that is relevant only to them and would make a uniquely personal statement. In many cases, their laundry list of ideas can almost all be incorporated. When they are actively engaged in the process, they usually enjoy their rooms for a longer time.

The products I use for nurseries are low VOC and low odor so parents can be assured that pregnant moms and newborns are safe.

In addition to the walls and furniture, specialty items can be painted to coordinate. Some items I have incorporated are growth charts and three dimensional art pieces that can be replaced later with more grown up choices. For example, a room with carousel animals built of wood and screwed into the wall could later be replaced with another theme without repainting the entire room.

Baby Gifts – Stools, Toy Boxes, Name Plaques, Growth Charts can also be painted