Painted Furniture

Painted furniture is a delightful way to add color to a room. We can use new or vintage furniture to create a one of a kind conversation piece.

I always look at the structure of the piece. Does it meet the size and function requirements needed? Many vintage pieces are better built than some new pieces and make great candidates for refinishing.

Wood furniture can be stained, painted, muraled, glazed or leafed. There are resin ornamental millwork components that can be added to change the character of a furniture piece. Changing the hardware is an instant uplift.

I have painted vintage dressers a solid color, added an antiquing glaze and changed out the hardware for a very simple updated refinish. Using a companion dresser, I have also stenciled a hot pink zebra stripe and added hand painted flowers and graphic elements for a more dramatic change. The shape of the piece is most important when considering painting furniture since this becomes the focus. Classic lines will work in most rooms once repainted. Some furniture styles will still dominate even with a color change.

Quality is also a main factor. If the piece you want to use is a high quality antique rather than a vintage piece and in good shape, I would hesitate to paint it. On the other hand, some furniture pieces are of such low quality it would not be worth the expense of painting it.  You will want to choose a furniture piece made of solid wood and structurally sound. Some pieces have some damage which would make them a worthy candidate for repair and refinish.

These are just some things to consider when looking at the furniture you have or when you are looking for that special item. Think of transformation as an option. Don’t forget to consider unusual furniture items. I have painted and added art to a piano!

Decorative Accessories

Some other ideas for items we can paint…

Painted Screens
Furniture you already have