Stencils are one of the tools used since ancient times. They are useful and have a definite place in my cache of tools. In the past, I strictly used stencils only when I needed to replicate a pattern continuously over a large area. And while I still use stencils for this reason, the variety of stencil options has increased greatly giving me more ways to use them.

I can now have stencils made to scale for specific spaces and custom stencils made from my drawings. Stencil materials have expanded. There are now one time use adhesive stencils. These can be cut more intricately than traditional stencils and have a more free hand look. Since these stencils can be made in sizes large enough for an entire ceiling or wall, large scale graphic designs become possible. These alternatives are often more cost effective as well.

The ability to have custom stencils cut allows us to use design elements from other sources and repeat them on the walls, furniture, or floors, if desired.